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Helpful Hints

Memorable portraits take careful planning and the clothing you choose is very important. The goal of any portrait is to direct the viewer's attention to the face or faces of the images.
Following these simple tips will help create a timeless portrait to cherish forever.

  • Choose colours that blend harmoniously in the same tonal range so that no single member of the family stands out more than another.
  • Choose a similar type of clothing i.e. all dressed casually in jeans with similar coloured tops or all dressed formally, or better still, bring a selection, this gives you much more choice when selecting your final set of photographs.
  • Darker colours are more flattering and slimming. Longer sleeves are more elegant on ladies. Bold stripes, checks and prints tend to dominate the picture. Simple garments always photograph best.
  • Avoid children’s current fashionable idols that may date i.e. football stars, Disney and cartoon characters. Your portrait will last much longer than their popularity.


  • Make sure children are comfortable. Their clothes should not be too big or bulky, or straps too long and make sure their vest does not show. Dungarees are possibly the worst thing to put them in.
  • Play the whole thing down. Toddlers are much more natural if they don’t know they are going to be photographed.
  • Arrive ready in their first outfit. By all means bring a change, but the less fuss when they arrive the better.
  • Feel free to bring along any accessories, hats, toys, sunglasses, teddy bears or anything else you like, these can all help personalise your portrait.
  • Don’t tell them they are about to have their photograph taken. Although they don’t fully understand what a photo session is, they will know they are expected to do something, which always puts unnecessary pressure on the child. Your children will have great fun in the shoot. Just relax…they will if you do!
  • Make sure they are fed and content and a feed is not iminent!
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