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The Importance of booking a Professional Wedding Photographer

Suzanne Bedford's advice on choosing a PROFESSIONAL Wedding Photographer.

Professional wedding photography is a specialist service that requires skill, knowledge and commitment. Ideally you need someone who is there on your wedding day almost like an extra guest, managing to fit in seamlessly while still behaving in the most professional manner.

It takes great skill and expertise to not only capture the atmosphere of the day, but also cope with the potential setbacks such as unpredictable weather, difficult lighting conditions and camera shy guests. The perfect conditions do not just happen-  you need a professional photographer who is adaptable, calm and able to handle any ups and downs!

Do not be tempted to scrimp on costs by asking a friend to be the photographer on your wedding day. Wedding photography is a real skill and you only have one chance to get your pictures right-so dont leave anything to chance- or indeed put such a great pressure on a friend! By using the services of a professional wedding photographer you can rest assured that you are in the safe hands of an experienced photographer who has an innate wedding sense and who will know exactly what to do at the right time.

It is important to use a full time, insured professional rather than a part-timer doing wedding photography as a hobby, there has been a huge rise in unprofessional or part time wedding photographers in the last few years since the digital era took over. I personally get many calls from tearful brides who have trusted a part timer or a friend to do the wedding photographs , asking me if there is anything I can do to help enhance terrible images. Of course it would not be right for me to interfere, but it is very sad how many horror stories we hear about. For instance a portrait client told me recently how a work colleague, intending on earning a few bucks on a weekend, had been and bought a camera, photographed his friend's wedding, had his car sign written up and set up a website - yet has no qualifications, experience or insurance!

We like to educate our clients about Professional photography and products, a little like a jeweller may try to educate you when choosing your rings! You probably set off with a budget in mind but a good jeweller will educate you in his expertise in things like colour, cut, clarity and carot weight.

By putting your trust in a multi award-winning Master Photographer, you can be reassured that you will have beautiful wedding photographs that you can treasure forever!

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